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HK Mobile CSL Network Hong Kong 70GB 4G LTE 42Mbps Data Year Card

(Use 365 days, can share WIFI, add 2000 minutes of talk time)

  • Latest 70GB 4G LTE 42Mbps (use for 365 days (must be activated before June 30, 2023))
  • Including 2000 minutes of Hong Kong local calls
  • Use within 365 days (must be opened before June 30, 2023)
  • Use csl network 4G LTE 42Mbps full speed!
  • Can share WiFi data with mobile phone HOT-SPOT
  • Do the backup card first-class! Share data with Sim Router or Danzi Pocket WiFi
  • After the value is increased, it can be recycled, and all the Keep numbers can be used for a long time

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