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LONGSEE Novel Coronavirus Nasal Rapid Test Covid-19 Rapid Detection Test

✅Press release, check the king

✅ Only this one, the sensitivity is 100% regardless of viral load, high, medium or low

✅One package inspection once

✅ Can detect 99.9% of known new coronavirus strains, including Omicron and Delta variant strains

✅Test results are available within 15 minutes

✅ Collect nose and throat saliva samples for testing

✅ The German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines (Paul Ehrlich Institute, PEI),
      in the analysis report of 245 new coronavirus antigen rapid test kits,
      this one's total sensitivity (total sensitivity) ranking one of the highest

✅ Has obtained EU CE certification and is included in the list of 2019 coronavirus rapid test kits recognized by the EU

All quick test kits are sold at the lowest price,

If delivery is set, it will always be delivered by collect

Sorry for any inconveniences caused

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